Our Annual Tournament

Each spring, the Independent Karate School organizes a tournament for its students. Participation is optional, but we have found that students at all levels gain skill and confidence from taking part.

Students compete with their peers (as determined by age and rank) in forms, weapons, breaking, and sparring.

Forms are prescribed sequences of moves that students must memorize. At the tournament, competitors are judged on correct sequencing as well as the grace and precision of their execution.

A separate division of competition is held for students who wish to execute forms with traditional Asian weapons.

IKS students may also compete in board breaking. In the breaking event, students will attempt to break a specific number of boards with a specific strike or strikes (for example, two boards with a palm heel strike). To succeed, the student must break all the boards selected at the start of the attempt. In addition to completion of the break, students will be judged on form and accuracy.

Competition is also offered in sparring. In tournament competition, students will spar opponents of their own gender who are also comparable in rank and age.

For black belts and advanced students over the age of 12, an additional event is available, the self-defense competition. Participants are asked to demonstrate ten self-defense techniques on a volunteer partner. The techniques are drawn by lot from the entire curriculum up to the competitor's rank. Competitors are judged on the accuracy and effectiveness of their execution.

In addition to providing students with immediate goals for training, the tournament offers an opportunity for the IKS community to gather and celebrate our school's proud tradition. Many graduates of the Independent Karate School choose this occasion to return, to assist with judging the children's events or to participate in advanced levels of competition.